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Genesis Post

The Mission

We are curating a collection of Milady art. Participation is open and sales of any artwork go to the original artist. Artwork will be dropped as part of a series and each series will have different tokenomics.

It’s All For Milady

Milady is taking over the world. Whether you were blackpilled at the Milady rave or want to join an online dissident community with fringe political beliefs, we are all here to right-click save a Milady and to create good vibes. We believe a community-driven art curation will only complement this movement as it continues to melt faces.

Was Milady discovered or invented? Did that girl die and come back to life at the Milady rave? Is network spirituality the new currency of the metaverse? These questions are at the forefront of our minds and inspiring a generation of artists to congregate online and inspire greatness.

The Vibes Are Immaculate

We are doing this to showcase the power of the open, organic, bottom-up art movement. Instead of 1 dev making a 10k supply derivative, we want 10k+ artists making 1/1s and limited editions. Beauty in emergent chaos.

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Drops Coming Soon

We are currently accepting art submissions for the Genesis Series. Subscribe to stay up to date with latest information.

Before the drop, we will be posting information on how to get on the allowlist and the tokenomics of the NFTs in the series.